sync audio

    Feb 14 2010 | 11:40 am
    Hi! I want to know if is posible to use a multichannel aif file, for play in sfplay~, is it posible? Or another multichannel file, like .raw? Beacause I try it but don't work...
    for de moment, I use, 3 groove~ objects to play a 3 stereo files. But I don't is it posible to have the current position in miliseconds. Somebody know if it's posible?
    Thanks!!! albert

    • Feb 14 2010 | 11:59 am
      From the first sentence of the refpage for the sfplay~ object (Select the object in a patch then Help > Open sfplay~ reference): "sfplay~ plays AIFF, NeXT/Sun(.au), Wave, and Raw Data files of 1-32 tracks from disc."
      Are you saying that sending an open message to open a .raw file does not work? If so, what platform are you on? What version of Max? Got a patch that demonstrates the problem? etc.
      Take a look at the right outlet of the groove~ object in the help file. Notice that it outputs a ramp value that goes from 0 to 1.0 and indicates what position in the file you're playing back you're at. If you knew the length (in milliseconds) of the file you read in, you could multiply that value to get your position. Now, take a look at the sfinfo~ object. I think you'll find it to be of some use. :-)
    • Feb 14 2010 | 11:59 am
      You can set the number of channels with an argument as it states in the help file, for example: [sfplay~ 8]. The right outlet of [groove~] reports the playing position. To find the value in milliseconds multiply this by the total sample length as reported by [info~].
    • Feb 14 2010 | 5:54 pm
      I try to open a .raw file in sfplay~, and I try to open a .aif file with more than two channels. And the sfplay~ give me a error to open.
      The .aif file I make it from Final Cut. The .raw file I make it from Audacity.
      There is some ideal software to export multichannel audio, that works in Max?
      I have max 5 running in a PowerBook G4 with MacOS 10.4.11
      Ok for the right outlet from the groove~ :) Thanks
    • Feb 14 2010 | 6:53 pm
      Ok! I resolve it.I play the 3 stereo aif with the groove's and I record with the sfrecord~, and then I create the multichannel .aif file with it. I supose that the files that export from Final Cut and Audacity aren't correct.... So, now works very well! thanks al
    • Feb 15 2010 | 3:52 pm
      thanks to emmanuel jourdan, there is a much easier way:
      sfplay can play multichannel files and will also provide u with a current time value... it should all be in the sfplay help file.