sync LIVE's tempo sample-accurate from M4L

    Nov 25 2014 | 12:55 am
    I just ran across the fact that in order to sync LIVE's tempo sample-accurate to the internal tempo of my M4L-device, I have to send a BPM-value to LIVE that is a multiple of 64 samples.
    Has anybody out there been bumping into this as well? Why is this so? does this relate to the fact that M4L is running at a vectorsize of 64 samples?

    • Nov 25 2014 | 10:07 am
      I've noticed that [plugsync~] reports the transport state of Live every 64 samples. So I think generally you can't get sample-accurate synchronisation of M4L devices.
    • Nov 26 2014 | 1:02 am doesnt matter so much if I can sync them to the exact same point in time,but that the tempi (-correct?) are matched LIVE and m4L dont loose track.. I actually got this working,but I ran into other my M4L-monsterdevice is quantized to 64 samples now..this actually works!