sync video and audio

    Mar 04 2013 | 1:02 pm
    Hey guys, so I have a Max patch producing some sounds, and I have to synchronize those sounds with a video. I remember there is a sync object for external sources but it's obviously not working with video so do u have any suggestion about how I can do it? Cheers

    • Mar 04 2013 | 4:40 pm
      it depends on what objects you are using to play the sounds, and how you want them to sync.
      if you are using sfplay~, and the video and soundfiles are the same length, you can take the millisecond signal output of sfplay~, convert it do floats (snapshot~), convert it to seconds (divide by 1000.0), and convert it to a frame for the video (multiply by the FPS of the loaded video).
      so if you're two seconds into your sound file, and your movie is 30 FPS, 2 * 30 = 60, send the message frame 60 to your
      you should trigger the snapshot~ with the same metro you use to play the video, and set the metro interval to the FPS of your video.