Syncing a phase vocoder w/ a midi sequence

    May 29 2010 | 6:37 am
    In the patch that I'm working with (a slightly modified version of a Jean-Françios Phase Vocoder), there is a phasor~ that is "driving" a pfft~. In other words, (as I understand it) the phasor is telling the ~pfft where in a jitter matrix to read from. Of course it's using a signal to do this.
    What I want to do is somehow translate this phasor signal into ticks so that I can simultaneously "drive" a midi sequence (say in Reason or Live). This would enable my sequence to slow down and speed up in relation to the phase vocoder within the pfft~.
    Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

    • May 29 2010 | 9:37 am
      Hi. If I'm understanding you correctly it sounds like you just need to convert zero crossing into bangs which you can do using [edge~].
      Another way would be to store the midi values in a buffer and have [phasor~] play through them using [wave~]. But your gonna have to get into the control domain somehow.. are you using rewire?
      The help file for [phasor~] shows how you can sync to the global transport, using tempo relative values. (haven't tried it yet myself)
      And Eric Lyon's objects may be of interest to you. He has a bunch of stuff for controlling metronomes/drum machines with sample accuracy.