sysex out ?

    Feb 02 2006 | 11:20 am

    • Feb 02 2006 | 12:12 pm
    • Feb 02 2006 | 2:38 pm
      I have bcr controller, and in order to send it sysex messages I have to just send sequence of bytes (f0...f7) directly to midiout. The sxformat makes things easier, you could use it to create sequence of bytes for you. If you can simply send [240 66 64 110 2 95 79 value 247] seq. to korg, simplest form would be:
      [value] I [sxformat 240 66 64 110 2 95 79 / is $i1 / 247] I [midiout]
      BUT, the thing is usually more complicated, because of those msb/lsb/nibble thingies. That's why I like Lsx. To find out what I need to send, I used handy little app for bcr2000(birdie's bcr/bcf editor, if anyone's interested, more reliable than behringer's java app for me) to send various values to midi-ox app, and compared the data(for example, send max. contr. value to 127, capture, change m.c. value to 126, capture, compare, and so on...)
      > Then, how do i set one of my Korg CC values (they're "infinite" knobs) so > it will start at THIS value when i'll tweak it ? sysex too ? And how ?
      I guess this depends on controller type too. I didn't find a way to set particular controller value without outputting it, so I had to simply use [ctlout] and adjust 'deadtime' on hardware, to avoid feedback. I think some controllers have sysex-es for setting value without output(does any of bcr2000 owners know anything about it?).
      hth, nesa