Table object deleting - data storage help

    Dec 09 2006 | 2:27 am
    i aim to interpate LCD data to be stored for synth manipulation later.
    i have sent individual colours for the LCD to Tables to be dumped to COL object (or suggestion of better way) for dumping later. I wish to take away the other colours from whats has already been painted so that in the end i will have a full list for what is on the LCD currently not what has been painted over.
    My aim is to make a synthesis of the finished image, so when you've finished painting you click play and it makes a sound file.
    Any help would be fantastic, thank you

    • Dec 09 2006 | 10:35 pm
      if you had an example, it would make it easier to help. without one, i would suggest that you use [counter][pack][coll]
      using these three objects, you should be able to grab your messages to LCD and store them one-by-one into counter.
      hth, jl
    • Dec 10 2006 | 7:22 pm
      I wish to use the data drawn onto the LCd to control a synth later (on play back). is there anyway to delete data from repective tables - each colour is sent to a table and tables compared so that they show the last compiled data is what is on the screen at the moment rather than the performance of all colours...?