Taking a photo using jitter

    Apr 13 2010 | 1:23 pm
    Im new to max msp and need some help. I need to take a photo using some kind of device, either being a web cam or my own camera. The problem is i cant get my head around the idea of taking the photo idea. Can i do this? Is it possible?
    Please help....

    • Apr 13 2010 | 10:28 pm
      Hi I don't think posting the same question 4 times in 24hrs is the right way to go about it but at least the titling has improved. As stated in response to your first request for 'hep' and 'photo' Jitter is where you want to look; so start going through the tutorials and help first as this will help you learn a bit of max programming. The Jitter tutorials will have the info you need to at least get a single photo out of video stream. Then work out what you want to do, take one photo? take timed photos? process from one photo? whatever . . . And post your bit of patch and definite question about how to progress from there So yes ; It can be done! it is possible! I did it last night!
      Sorry if this seems harsh but simply giving you a proof of concept patch won't really help you till you help yourself. If you folow my suggestions you will be able to do it and know how and why. But as I'm not really a nasty person I'll give you a tip - jit.qt.grab . . . Cheers