taptools/applescript in standalone

    Apr 30 2006 | 9:41 am
    I use the tap.applescript object in a patch which works fine in Max, but in the built standalone gives me:
    goodnight.script:error -1 opening file
    Before building I am including the taptools library and the script itself.
    I'd be grateful for any pointers...

    • Apr 30 2006 | 6:45 pm
      I suggest to put your script inside the package, not in the collective. Did you define the filepath inside your patcher to be triggered when needed? To get your standalone pathname, use this Max message followed by a receive object.:
      (Change 'MyApplicationPath' for the real name of your standalone)
      Then, fill-in with your own path to your script. Example below.
      HTH, Philippe
    • Jun 01 2007 | 5:02 am
      hi I am trying to do the same thing taptools/applescript in standalone... but it is still not working where do i put the script? Does it go inside the app... ie. show package contents... then inside the support folder inside the contents folder?
      i can't get it to work... any help would be very much appreciated... it is a great function to applescript in max and it would be a shame if it were not possible to use it in a standalone application...
      thanks in advance