taskmanager xp home crashes jitter

    Jan 31 2006 | 12:24 pm
    I've always used windows xp pro, in which the taskmanager appears when I hit
    ctl-alt-del. Never had a problem with it. I recently installed xp home. When
    I hit clt-alt-del I get a black screen with options from which I can choose
    the taskmanager. If I do this while jitter rendering is running, max is gone
    / has crashed when I get back from the options screen. It's a silent crash,
    and the max process stays active. I can't restart max and have to wait a
    couple of minutes for the max.exe process to shut down.
    I tested this with the jit.gl.render help patch, and I shows exactly the
    same thing. Steps to reproduce:
    - open jit.gl.render help
    - start rendering
    - hit ctl-alt-del.-> choose taskmanager
    - max is gone
    Almost all of the crashes I experience lately are these sort of "silent"
    crashes with the sticking max.exe process. I can't put my finger on it but
    is there an easy way to check what's up? Maybe run max runtime with a
    debugger attached?
    pentium M, max 4.5.6 jitter 1.5.2 nvidia go6800

    • Jan 31 2006 | 9:37 pm
      Hmmm. I suppose it is conceivable that the copy protection software
      thinks that a malicious "debugger" is running. I'm running XP pro
      here, and can't reproduce, but perrhaps some other XP home users
      could verify. Here's a couple additional tests:
      - Does the same thing happen with the Max Runtime? If not, it would
      suggest the copy protection may be involved.
      - Is it specific to OpenGL rendering? i.e. does it happen with other
      patches, or without having loaded any patch at all?
      - Might be worth testing with Jitter not installed.
      Thanks for taking the time to investigate this. Please let us know
      your findings.
    • Feb 02 2006 | 10:58 am
      .... I can't reproduce it anymore myself. I have a strong suspicion it's due
      to the removal of a 3rd party external from my patch, because since then all
      these weird crashes disappeared including this taskmanager related one. (No
      Peter, it's not your's ;-)
      I did some additional rearranging of my patch, but nothing spectacular. Well
      since I don't know anything for sure I better shut up now. The crashes are
      gone and that's the most important thing.
      Best, T_