TDABleton_M4L_Live automation resolution problem

    Apr 07 2021 | 3:22 pm
    Hi there,
    Hi there,
    I’m working with Live, TDAbleton and Touch Designer and am having issues with the automation resolution in Live.
    I have made a series of M4L devices - simple dials that I am automating in Live and then mapping to camera translation in TD.
    Everything is connecting as expected except there is a strange behaviour with the automation resolution in Live: It is coming into TD in clumps, so big jumps in numbers that are causing a jerky camera movement.
    The strange part is that if I trigger a line object in the M4L device the number changes in TD are smooth and so is the camera movement.
    So I’m guessing there is an automation resolution limit within Live itself? The video in this demos this behaviour
    Has anyone come across this? Any experience shared is appreciated.