Temporal Operators for jit.gen?

    Mar 27 2012 | 9:50 pm
    I was really excited to use Gen for temporal operations on video on the GPU, but it looks like there are no temporal operators and no explicit referencing of textures. Is this another thing that might be added down the line, or is it back to writing shaders for me?

    • Mar 27 2012 | 11:08 pm
      What exactly are you trying to do? Is there something you are having a difficult time creating in jit.gl.pix? Let's see what you've got.
      In many cases, you can loop out to a jit.gl.slab object for things that rely on feedback. One way you can think about it is that jit.gl.pix is capable of doing the things that you can do in jit.gl.slab, but you program it visually. I can't really speak to what will be there in the future.
    • Mar 28 2012 | 3:55 am
      The sample and nearest ops directly access textures when using the jit.gl.pix ops. By temporal ops, do you mean parameter animation? That kind of thing is done with normal max objects.