Tenure-track jobs at York (Canada)

    Nov 02 2015 | 3:48 pm
    For those looking, a couple of new tenure-track positions opening up at York University that could be relevant to people working with Max.
    Assistant/Associate Professor Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Games, Gaming and Gamification (A Canada Research Chair-linked position means low-teaching load, extensive support in obtaining grants, with one lucrative grant in particular highly likely to be successful, and usually some additional research startup benefits. Also, although the Chairship is limited in duration, the position is a full tenure-track one.) http://webapps.yorku.ca/academichiringviewer/specialads/Canada_Research_Chair_Tier2_in_Games_Gaming_Gamification.pdf
    Assistant/Associate Professor, Digital Media/Music Composition and Sound Design for Cinema, Games, and Motion Media http://webapps.yorku.ca/academichiringviewer/viewposition.jsp?positionnumber=1565
    Assistant/Associate Professor, Design/Digital Media Information Design and Data Visualization http://webapps.yorku.ca/academichiringviewer/viewposition.jsp?positionnumber=1564