testing analogue~

    Apr 21 2006 | 3:54 pm
    Would anyone with an AMD-based Windows system mind testing out the analogue~ object? On two different Pentium 4 systems, I experience dropouts, CPU usage spiking, crashes, etc., after using one or two instances of the object for an arbitrary amount of time.
    I contacted Olaf Matthes about this, who created this object, and he said it could be due to the 'denormal' issue with Pentium 4's.
    If it is, he says he can fix it.
    The more people who test this out, on P4s or AMDs, the better.
    Thanks! And here's the link -- the object's about halfway down:

    • Sep 01 2007 | 8:18 am
      I just tried to use analogue~ recently (for the first time) and even the help file demo was crashing max each time I played with it for a few minutes. I am using Windos XP pro with a pentium duo core . The tones were really nice before the crash so it would be great to get an updated bug free version.
      cheers, Danjel