text in UI objects

    May 17 2006 | 1:16 pm
    I am having problems porting a UI object from Mac to Windows. I followed closely the qtxgui example that comes with the developer SDK and everything works fine, apart from displaying text.
    When I use "drawstr", I get my string printed in correct size and font face but not at the right place. In fact, it is displayed somewhere else on the screen and it keeps on writing until it reaches the edge of the window. In other words: "MoveTo" has no effect at all.
    TextSize(x->fontsize ); TextFont(x->fontnum); MoveTo(x, y); drawstr(c);
    When I use "MacDrawText" instead, my text appears at the right location (i.e. MoveTo works as usual) but I get the wrong font size (too large) and the wrong font face (not corresponding with the font chosen from the menu).
    TextSize(x->fontsize); TextFont(x->fontnum); MoveTo(x, y); MacDrawText(c, 0, strlen(c));
    I hope this is a well known problem and somebody can help me out.
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