texture projection onto jit.gl.model

    Jun 13 2007 | 6:36 am
    Thanks to an example posted here last week, here's a patch that emulates
    texture projection, or more precisely a static projection which is only
    projected on objects when they enter a particular part of the screen.
    However, the problem I am having is that while torus (jit.gl.gridshape)
    updates its texturing information accordingly whenever its position changes
    (use fullscreen and drag the object by clicking onto the screen), for the
    jit.gl.model, the only way this texturing changes is if the texture is
    disabled and reenabled which seems like an awful hack.
    Hence, I was wondering if:
    1) there is a way to make the jit.gl.gridshape trick work for the
    2) whether there is a better way of doing the texture projection which would
    also avoid texture being wrapped around the object (or projected on both its
    sides)? To be more precise here, I am simply looking for a way to project an
    invisible video which becomes visible only when an object enters specific
    Any help is most appreciated!
    Here's the patch in question:
    Best wishes,
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