Texturing Video onto .obj files with jit.gl.model

    Jan 08 2013 | 11:33 pm
    Ive been trying to texture a .obj file with live video from a webcam through jit.gl.model. The video just changes the objects color but doesn't render to the different sides of the object. I can texture basic forms with video like a torus or a plane and have been trying to adapt examples through jit.gl.plato, jit.gl.sketch etc and from the jitter tutorials on 3D model and texture but still cant get it to render on complex forms that have been imported.
    This is probably very simple but I just cant seem to figure it out out. I'm very new to Max too. This could be why I haven't figured it out.
    Below is a very basic example of what Ive been working on.
    Anyone help please.