The Beauty of the Max Patch

    Sep 02 2015 | 7:25 pm
    I am often fascinated by the variety of data and information visualizations that one finds when scouring the web, but enough about data. Let's talk process. If we were to give Max patch to a good designer, what would it look like? Are there visual design guidelines for publicly presenting a patch?
    I ask because I have asked my students to create beautiful, design-cognizant max patches. Some approaches I have suggested are:
    1) Avoid cobwebs -- patch cords should not cross objects 2) Use color appropriately to designate categories (can be appied to cords or objects) 3) Use sub-patching to create clean hierarchy 4) Use bpatching to create hierarchy and, furthermore, to create unique iconography
    So, my goal is not to hide the wiring but just the opposite -- to highlight it and thus, communicate the idea of "process" to the public. But, at the same time, we probably can and should learn from the design community on how to achieve this.
    I have searched around, but haven't found much yet. If any of you have what you would consider beautiful, effective visual patching, please respond so that I and my students can learn from your examples.