The DSP stops when a buffer is deleted.

    Sep 06 2011 | 8:25 am
    I couldn't find posts on this topic in the forum.
    The included patch demonstrates the problem: when a buffer is deleted, the DSP stops working (although it's still turned on). The patch deletes the buffer thru scripting, but it also happens when the patch is edited and the buffer deleted by the user.
    OSX.6.7, MMJ 5.1.9

    • Sep 06 2011 | 9:41 am
      I always thought that was normal behaviour. If a buffer is deleted the DSP needs to be toggled, unless the buffer is empty. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your problem, but the patch you mention isn't attached..
    • Sep 06 2011 | 12:44 pm
      Ooopppsss, here is the patch.
      Why should it be a normal behavior (buffers are empty and unused) ? The patch does work correctly with Max4!
    • Sep 06 2011 | 8:22 pm
      I notice the DSP isn't stopped if the buffer is created before turning them on.. But yeah, it still means toggling them at some point. Perhaps someone else can chime in here; alls I can say is that it's something I've been intuitively aware of for as long as I've been using max - I just thought it was the law.