The Features in the Usage of High Frequency Screen

    Nov 08 2013 | 7:04 am
    High frequency screen can make more precise product than common concrete and asphalt gravels, and it adopts state-of-the-art screening technology for making industrial sand. Industrial sand is used for a variety of products, from glass to chemical cleaners, to golf course bunkers and natural and synthetic athletic fields.
    The advantages of high frequency screen are high efficiency, small amplitude and high separated frequency.Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd designes and produces the electric high frequency vibrating screen based on our many years experience.
    The characteristics of electromagnetic high-frequency vibrating screen in structure and technical includes the follow few points:
    1) The sifter vibrates, sieve box stand still.
    2) With a high vibration frequency as well as a big vibration intensity. This frequency is most suitable for grading vibrating screening fine powder, which make the screen with a strong self-cleaning ability and not easy blockage, at the same time achieve good classification effect.
    3) Excitation control digitalized. The amplitude can be adjusted stepless on line according to the needs of production, it is very convenient to use.
    4) With a small the mass of vibration, low power consumption ( power consumption per ton of coke is only 0.05kWh ).
    5) The screen is with a high porosity, which can reach 31%-39%, sieving efficiency can reach above 80% and the handling capacity is up to 5-8T / ( h, M2 ).