[The Max Wiki and Camera Tracking]

    Apr 20 2013 | 2:39 am
    When i first wanted to use a camera to do some tracking, searching this forum and the cycling'74 webpage was very fruitful, but also took quite some time. To make it a little bit easier for others, I collected a bunch of tracking patches and user comments, got them in an order, added some extra comments and pwindows, and put them online on the Max Wiki:
    When C'74 was announcing last year the MaxWiki, they wrote:
    "Note: In order to help get the Max Wiki started – and to celebrate the sharing – we are offering a bonus for the first 50 major content contributors – a “Give Max to a Friend” coupon, which provides a free 12-month Max license to anyone that has not previously owned Max. Once you’ve updated the Wiki with something that you feel is “significant” content, drop me (ddg @ cycling74 . com) an email and I will provide you with a serial number to provide to someone you may know."
    Since it doesn't seem that there are already 50 content contributions, i guess this note is still valid... To help to bring the Wiki a little bit to awareness, i would give my "Give Max to a Friend" coupon (if C'74 will provide one for this contribution) to the first person on this forum who replies to this post and fulfills the requirements ("has not previously owned Max") + really wants to learn it.

    • Apr 20 2013 | 9:27 am
      Don't know if this is valid, but... here I am! I am using the Max trial for almost a month and I'm very interested in buying it.