The missing Characters dilemma. (Problem with pasting or importing text to max)

    Jun 17 2013 | 3:46 pm
    Hello, everyone
    I have a strange problem with a json file I am working with In there is a lot of text which gets displayed just fine in TextWrangler, which also tells me: Unicode UTF-8 But: funny things start to happen when i either import that json file into dict or even copy-paste the text-part in question to a max comment box. Randomly chosen characters are disappearing.
    Even funnier: If I select the text within the comment-box, It displays just fine. If I then deselect the box.. missing characters. (See pictures attached)
    At first I guessed It might be something about character encoding.. Resaving with TextWrangler didn't help. And other parts of the json (even longer entries) are working just fine.
    So: did anyone ever come across that problem? What might be the problem you think? Thanks in advance!
    Attached you can find a example patcher. Just select the text in the comment-box to see what I mean.
    Thanks again!