The Next Update...

    Mar 03 2009 | 8:55 pm
    Hi all,
    A question just popped into my head just now. So thought i'd best ask rather than let it boil around like a bad stew. This is sort of pointed to C74 crew to answer as it would involve them.
    What with the nearing release of the new 'Snow Leopard' (10.6) OS for Mac. How will software of now, cope with it?
    Will this new OS need new updates for Mac software, or will it just be a simple update that will require no updates to software, such as Max 5, Logic, Ableton, Word and other such programs?
    I would assume that some of the developers will bring out an update to download for there software. But not everyone did when 10.5 came out. So was just wondering.
    That was about it...

    • Jul 17 2009 | 7:47 am
      For couple weeks I have been wondering about this issue too. As more information leaks about the new system, I become more curious how max/msp/jitter will deal with the new update. I am mainly a jitter user so I am curious about the new QuickTime X and the 64-bit improvements. One more question, the new system seems to make a particular emphasis on the use of GPU for non-graphic calculations. OpenCL seems fantastic!, any plan to implement it for sound analysis/calculations inside max/msp? Emmanuel
    • Jul 17 2009 | 8:14 am
      fantastic-o, someone else who is curious on this subject. i thought i was the only one who cared
      i think the update is pretty amazing and am looking forward to it myself? but as we have both said? how will it cope? will it be enough? will it work at all?
      i too am into jitter as well as max/msp. i cant believe how good jitter is. i got max mainly because of audio building, but am heavily into video now. but now with this update, am worried that it all could not work.
      the 64 bit and quicktime look amazing but do seem like they could be too much, unless heavy programming was done by a separate team who are working in conjunction with apple. which i gather that is what they are doing.
      only cycling '74 can give us an answer...