The PATTR Family...

    Feb 06 2010 | 12:09 pm
    Hi all-
    I'm working on an M4L device, and writing an object that will sit between Live's track/clip automation envelopes and the DSP/MSP audio effect network. The object's role is to receive automation data, plus preset data from a JSON file via the [pattrstorage] object, which gets processed to form parameter envelopes for the audio effect. Obviously, it would be great if this object could function in a high-priority thread. I'm currently working in Javascript, but will move to a C external if necessary.
    My question is this: in implementing support for [pattrstorage], I really only need to support "setvalueof" functionality, and don't need (from my point of view) "getvalueof" or "notifyclients." From my perspective, I'm using [pattrstorage] to push data to my object, so it's a "write-only" kind of process. I can't see why [pattrstorage] would need to get information back from my object.
    So is there any reason I'm missing in deciding not to implement "getvalueof" and "notifyclients" functions in my object?
    Many thanks, Charles

    • Feb 08 2010 | 12:18 am
      Well, to provisionally answer my own question, now supporting only "setvalueof": seems as thought there's nothing wrong with doing this. Still wouldn't mind some amplification from a knowledgeable person, or just a nod that all is good.