Themes in the JS objects and a question about creating/connecting Maxobjects

    Mar 15 2013 | 1:30 am
    Does anybody have any idea how to change the theme / color schemes in the js/mxj objects?
    I can't seem to find a way to do this...
    Is there a sub-folder somewhere in the main Max folder where I can drag in new themes?
    Also, I wonder if anybody can tell me why this function isn't working properly for me.
    I'm not well versed in Javascript, so it's probably something obvious I can't figure out.
    here's my code:
    function bang() { // Define the "this.patcher" preface var patch = this.patcher
    // Define left / right locations for new objects var left=300; var right=300;
    // Define variables for the Groove~ and Sig~ objects var groove_obj = patch.newdefault(left, right+30, "groove~"); var sig_obj = patch.newdefault(left, right, "sig~");
    // Creates the Groove~ and Sig~ objects patch.create(groove_obj); patch.create(sig_obj);
    // Connects the Sig~ object to the Groove~ object patch.connect(sig_obj, 0, groove_obj, 0); }
    The two objects are successfully created and placed, but don't seem to be patched.

    • Mar 15 2013 | 1:36 am
      I just figured it out.
      Didn't realize that this.patcher.create wasn't an actual command...
      The question on themes still stands, though.
      Sorry for the double post.