Thinking of buying macbook to test my maxmsp application on OSX and Windows XP

    May 22 2006 | 8:45 pm
    does any one of you tested with success/failure maxmsp on winxp on intel map (installing winxp with boot camp) ? Is maxmsp copy protection system working?
    I haven't found a clear answer to that question in the lists.
    Thanks, Chris
    NB: i'm only interested on reports from testers, don't need any endless comments.

    • May 22 2006 | 8:58 pm
      it has worked Great for me so far. Really Really great.
    • May 22 2006 | 9:07 pm
      do you think it is possible to install two windows partitions? (because in fact, I'm using two PC : one for testing with maxmsp and generating exe, one for testing in user environment, to find out missing files).
    • May 22 2006 | 9:14 pm
      PACE copy protection works with a truly booted version of XP (as is the case with bootcamp). It will *not* work with XP running in a VM, but MaxMSP runtime will work in a VM (though note that OpenGL is typically emulated in a VM). Personally, I am successfully using a MacBook for both OS X and Windows development via boot camp.
    • May 22 2006 | 9:21 pm
      my guess is it's not possble. you aren't allowed to have multiple partitions prior to installing boot camp. so multiples of windows are probaby out as well.
      the apple boot camp forums may have a better answer for you though.
    • May 22 2006 | 9:22 pm
      while I dont have bootcamp or an intel mac, it is my understanding that bootcamp only allows for one partition, however, you *could* use a virtual machine to host multiple XP installs.
      Im not certain how Max runs under a VM however.
      Id suggest a mac forum for the best solution, like Arstechnica, macnn, etc.
      v a d e //
    • May 22 2006 | 9:37 pm
      Thanks for the answer
    • May 23 2006 | 8:28 am
      take a look a this page