Third-party externals and standalone .apps

    Mar 19 2006 | 5:11 pm
    Hello All,
    Olaf Matthes made an (excellent) update of his dmxusbpro object some
    weeks ago. Unfortunately, this external FILE is functionnal only on
    Macintoshes where Max is installed. On machines where Max is NOT
    installed, this external appears as a FOLDER and is NOT functionnal...
    Olaf sent me this comment: " Well, that's how things are going with the
    new Mach-O externals in Max 4.5... :-( "
    For me, this problem is serious because people who use my software may
    not use Max at all (they are theater technicians...). Some of them
    simply do not understand why they should install Max along with my
    Is this problem fixed with the new version of Max? Does a work-around
    Thank you very much for your help and comments.
    Philippe Montemont

    • Mar 19 2006 | 9:28 pm
      Hi Philippe,
      I am not sure this problem is related to max.
      i have had this problem before with mxo(s).
      The workaround is to put a file named PkgInfo in the package of the mxo.
      The file must contain this at the top :
      if needed, i can send you the file off-list.
      Hope this help.
      Philippe OLLIVIER.