this.patcher.filepath returns different paths in Max4Live

    Jul 29 2013 | 3:01 pm
    I just ran into an issue that the following call returns different paths in Max4Live in Max 6.1.3:this.patcher.filepath
    The expected path would be something likeMacintosh HD:/Users/thomas/myproject/
    When loading the maxpatch for the first time (by clicking the edit button in Live), this is what is returned.
    When saving the JS file while the maxpatch is already open (autowatch=1), something else will be returned:MyProject.amxd Obviously, this value for this.patcher.filepath is useless. This is a bug in Max 6.1.3, and as far as I can tell it didn't exist in Max 6.1.2. I filed a bug report but didn't get any answer from Cycling74 yet, so I thought I'd post this in the forums, also as a heads up to anyone else who's running into that issue.
    I would welcome any bugfix/workaround/solution to this issue.
    How to recreate this issue: - Create a new Max4Live device - Create a JS object in the Max4Live device - Post the following code in the JS file:autowatch = 1; post(this.patcher.filepath); - Close the patch, reopen it by clicking the edit button in live and look at your Max output window. Now open and just re-save your JS file, and look at the Max output window again. The output will be different.