thispatcher object

    Feb 11 2010 | 3:53 am
    Hi all, I've added a thispatcher object to output the path to use in some file operations. However when I build it into an application, the "path" command to "thispatcher" just outputs a / Does anyone know an alternate way to discover the path of a patcher. Best, Adam
    ***solved with the "absolutepath" object.

    • Feb 11 2010 | 10:00 am
      when running an application version of a patch, you have to use the max sendapppath message.
      ";max sendapppath myreceive" will send the path to the application folder to the [r myreceive] object.
      if you're working with the mxf format within max... this will return the max folder (on a mac /Applications/MaxMSP5). and the path message to thispatcher will not work here neither.
    • Feb 12 2010 | 11:33 am
      Cheers. It works for me. thanks a million