Thundorbolt mystery?

    Mar 25 2013 | 2:21 am
    Hi, I just got a new 15 inch Retina 2.4GHz computer on Wednesday. I happily reinstalled Max5 and Max6, and all my extra externals and everything was working fine.
    That was until this evening, both Max5 and Max6 refused to launch. I deleted and reinstalled Max5, restarted the computer, tried everything and didn't work.
    On a weird hunch, I reconnected the Thunderbolt adapter (I now need Thunderbolt adapters for Firewire 800->400, Eithernet for motion sensor and everything :(
    All of the sudden not only Max5 launched but also reopened the patch I was crashed with, and everything is back to normal again.
    Is this mysterious symptom known to happen? I don't want this happening to me just before the concert; it's heart-attack inducing :) Any pointers welcome!
    Thanks, Mari

    • Mar 25 2013 | 2:35 am
      ps. Now I disconnected the Thunderbolt adapter, restarted Max and it is fine. I would really like to know what I did wrong so I can avoid this happening on stage!
    • Mar 25 2013 | 2:57 am
      OK, so I diagnosed it: this is what happens, which didn't used to happen with Firewire computer.
      With Thunderbolt, if you want to switch between a Firewire audio interface and Built-In Core Audio: 1. You must switch to Built-In input/output WHILE you are still plugged in with Thunderbolt (in my case, to RME 400). I run the Audiotester to make sure in/out are working. 2. Then you can disconnect Thunderbolt adapter (in my case, Firewire 800 adapter)
      If you forget this, Max hangs (both Max5 and Max6) and will not launch.
      If anyone has experienced something different please let me know, I appreciate! thanks, mari
    • Mar 25 2013 | 5:46 am
      Sorry for multiple posts, but I'm in trouble.
      Max5 and Max6 won't launch SOMETIMES, but if I connect my Thunderbolt adapter, it will. This is BAD.