tiger/m-audio sound card issue

    Apr 30 2006 | 9:31 pm
    are there any m-audio sound card users out there who have managed to
    get the adc~ to work?
    i'm having the no input issue with both the MobilePre and Firewire
    410 cards. all the software is current as far as i can tell:
    osx 10.4.6
    m-audio firewire driver 1.7.1
    max/msp 4.5.7
    any advice?
    bill d

    • May 01 2006 | 10:12 am
      I am using 10.4.6 + Firewire410. Recently I updated my M-audio Firewire driver to the latest 1.71, but it works strangely. When I change the volume from computer keyboard, the response time is extremely long.
      Besides, the M-audio uninstaller stop working on my machine, I have to delete all the M-audio related files in the library and reinstall.
      Now it works fine after I change back to previous driver verion 1.6.
    • May 03 2006 | 7:30 pm
      Just tested my FW 410 (only bought it recently) and it's working fine with
      the same software versions as you.
      I have noticed that sometimes it's not available as an audio device, but a
      reboot usually fixes it. But this is a small price to pay compared to the
      awful blasts of white noise I used to get at random from the MBox I had
      before :-|
      Dare I say it - even Pro Tools seems to behave better with the M-Audio
      All I can suggest is reinstalling the drivers - I had some problems after
      the initial install that went away after reinstalling,
    • May 03 2006 | 8:35 pm
      On May 3, 2006, at 3:30 PM, Roger Carruthers wrote:
      > All I can suggest is reinstalling the drivers - I had some problems
      > after
      > the initial install that went away after reinstalling,
      while i haven't tested the fw410 with max specifically, i have had
      with the m-audio drivers. i found that the newest version of the
      driver is
      generally buggy, and the problems were corrected when i stepped back
      a version. this could of course been due to just installing the
      driver a second
      time. i believe m-audio drivers come with an uninstaller, which i
      you run before upgrading. try uninstalling and reinstalling the
      latest driver,
      and if that doesn't work drop back a version, uninstall and install
      and see what
      happens. my fw410 works flawlessly for me in tiger 10.4.5. i have
      driver version
      1.2 - there might be an extra number on the end, which i can't get
      right now as
      i don't have the fw410 connected.
      bruce tovsky
      "Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane."
      Philip K. Dick
    • May 03 2006 | 11:02 pm
      buggy, indeed. after three re-boots (over 3 days), the device now
      shows up in the dsp preferences. i did nothing to cause this: no
      uninstall, no reinstall, no nothin'. just occasional reboots.
      thanks for the feedback.
    • May 04 2006 | 4:11 am
      great! all those reinstalls and uninstalls and i all i needed to do
      was to reboot a few times! ;-)
      glad it settled down for you.
      bruce tovsky
      "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."
      Philip K. Dick