tight sync of metro and a dozen detonate objects

    Oct 22 2011 | 2:30 pm
    Hi fellow-maxers,
    Sure been a long time (since the end of max-digest). I hope you're all doing fine. Anyway, I have a question.
    I have a patch generating midi and sending it to a vst~ object hosting a Kontakt5 multi.
    There's a metronome (using metro) for human players that are playing along to a dozen detonate objects playing the Kontakt multi.
    Problem is sync. The piece lasts an hour, and everything drifts apart eventually. I get best results with tweaked DSP settings, but tweaking takes ages waiting to see if stuff drifts after a while.
    These settings seem to give me the best results:
    dsp sigvs 64, iovs 64 max preempt 1, interval 1, setpollthrottle 40, setslop 5.
    Especially reducing setslop makes timing tighter.
    But timing still drifts...
    I don't need sync in the absolute sense(timed with an external clock), I just don't want the metronome and the detonate players to drift.
    I can make the metronome use an audiorate signal for more tightness, but I don't see how I can improve the detonator players with their mS - delay - next way off advancing time. Am I missing something?
    Has anyone ever built a quantisation patch, eg. collecting the midi output of the metronome and the detonate players for say 1/16 and outputting them on a 1/16 note grid timed by a phasor object?
    Anyway, any ideas most welcome.
    Best regards,

    • Oct 22 2011 | 6:50 pm
      The basic problem is that detonate uses milliseconds instead of musical timing (ticks) like other midi sequencers. Personally, I would run the whole thing within MaxForLive to ensure perfect timing.