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1394imaging = IIDC ???

May 05 2006 | 8:21 am

Howdy all

I am wondering about using multiple 1394 Imaging firewire converters with jitter

I have used multiple fire-i cameras and that worked well but they are IIDC devices

If you go to the drivers page for OSX:

it says that you can use multiple units – but not specifically with jitter…

I don’t have a unit yet but am weighing options for a new rig and trying to figure out how best to use my $

anyone have a clue about this?


May 05 2006 | 8:24 am

These work with Jitter, and jit.qt.grab has some built-in extra support
for Milton’s drivers on OSX.


May 05 2006 | 8:41 am

Thanks for the quick response Jeremy,

just to clarify, I can use multiple devices to bring in multiple streams?

thanks again


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