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2 pattrstorages???

Mar 06 2006 | 1:43 pm


i am just beginning to use pattrstorage (and all pattr related
objects); think i understood it more or less (maybe less than more
??) and now want to do the following

_I have 2 or more "sets" of objects (might be numboxes)
_each of those sets are controlling one effect (say, parameters of a filter)
_I want to have different presets for each of those effects
_and be able to recall/interpolate between those presets at different time(s)

what I do is naming my objects (numboxes – say freq1, amp1 for the
1st filter), connecting only those objects to the autopattr, then
using a pattrstorage, storing prestes into it, recalling the presets,
and interpolating between them. All of this works. For ONE effect
(filter) or an ensemble of effects being changed/manipulated at the
same time

I named my autopattr ([autopattr F1]) as well as my pattrstorage
([pattrstorage F1]) – hoping this would "link" them somehow

and then did a second set of objects (with different names) a new
autopattr ([autopattr F2]) and a new pattrstorage ([pattrstorage F2])

and then it does not work – pattrstorage F1 sees the new objects, but
pattrstorage F2 does not, does not store the prestes (it only sees
autopattr F2) and of course it does not interpolate between the
presets – since it does not register them….

___YES i did read the tutorials, the help files and the pdf. I did
not read yet _all_ the posts about pattrstorage but do not seem to
find anything about using 2 of them in the same patch

_of course I can imagine using other ways (list-interpolate,
interpol, or simply a coll) but somehow i feel pattr could do the

am I wrong?? or just misiing something obvious??

many thanks


Kasper T. Toeplitz
noise, composition, bass, computer

Mar 06 2006 | 1:59 pm

The preferred method to do this is to put your 2 effects in subpatches.
Each subpatch has its own pattrstorage. You can then put a master
pattrstorage at the top level of the patch. 2 pattrstorages at the same
patch won’t work particularly reliably, as you are learning.


Mar 06 2006 | 2:14 pm

Mar 06 2006 | 2:25 pm

If you name the pattrstorages, you can talk to them from a higher-level
pattstorage! So, here’s a patch structure:

(main level)
pattrstorage momo
p gigi
pattrstorage bobo
p gaga
pattrstorage bubu

Now, from pattrstorage momo, I can tell bobo or bubu to change presets,
to interpolate between them, etc. Without names, this would be tough.


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