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Aug 23 2008 | 7:31 pm

hello there just wondering about a couple things:

1. How do you create a MaxMSP application that doesn’t automatically open up the Max window as well on opening?

2. What’s with the if-you-open-a-subpatcher-in-a-patch-and-save-then-close-MaxMSP-the-next-time-you-open-the-original-patcher-file-you-find-out-that-only-the-subpatcher-remains-and-the-main-patch-has-vanished feature in MaxMSP 5? This has happened to me a couple times now, once almost a disaster if I hadn’t made an application and been able to extract a new patch from it. Both times were using bpatchers that open in presentation mode inside of a patcher.


Aug 23 2008 | 7:38 pm

Aug 23 2008 | 8:37 pm

Send the message "statusvisible 0" to the [standalone] object, this will stop the status window from opening with your app. It’s all there in the Max5 help documentation.

Max only saves the topmost patcher window, so if you have an encapsulation or subpatch open and on top of your main patch it will save this part separately. To make sure your entire patch is saved make sure it is the topmost window.


Aug 24 2008 | 9:20 pm

Ok thank you for the responses…

never even knew there was a "standalone" object, so yeah thanks… it’s easier than I thought… with the inspector options

regarding the "only saves the topmost patch" … I guess it’s just a habit I’ll have to learn… really though.. not that intuitive in some cases… for example… if a bpatcher is embeded in a main patcher… and you edit the bpatcher (making it the topmost window) and then you save… the intuitive thing would be that MaxMSP saves the entire patcher… since the bpatcher is embeded.


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