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2 weeks with max 6

Dec 14 2011 | 2:00 am

I'm on windows 7.
at first, can you confirm these bugs:

-table is not loading its "save data with patcher" attribute

-can not change the color of a patchcord

-when an object is clicked (to move it around), the mousewheel doesn't scroll the patcher window anymore

I noticed endless cool new things, to much to list but my requests:

-please make the automatic patchcord highlighting + the ring menu optional. (your effort for new users is nice but don't forget advanced people do not need so much eyecandy and popup/highlighting stuff)

-normally i would say bring back the old doubleclick object window but i'm starting to like the new object explorer

-a sucka-like thing in the color window

It took some time at the beginning to tweak preferences and object/patcher defaults to make it useable. i will never need curved cords.
I don't like white backgrounds for patching, i like white objects with grey borders. basically max5 look.
The most important thing was to tweak the default for patcher background and patchcord color. the patchcord borders disappear in the bg, what kind of solved the ugly thick patchcord look "problem.

[attachment=179299,3082] [attachment=179299,3083] [attachment=179299,3084]

  1. blackline.PNG


Dec 14 2011 | 2:40 am

Max 5’s default background is white. Maybe you’re thinking of M4L, which defaults to a gray background whenever a patch is opened from within Live as a M4L device.

Dec 14 2011 | 2:55 am

yes sorry, the m4l look. i’m so used to it, so i tryed to recreate the color settings immediately in max6. isn’t it always better if the important things are bright and pop out of a darker bg? please cofirm the bugs

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