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3d mapping system using cv.jit.floodfill

Jun 22 2009 | 3:46 pm

Hi all

I still consider myself a newbie in opengl so here it goes;

I want to create an efficient video mapping system using the [cv.jit.flood].

Here is what I thought;

1.take a snapshot w. cam of a room.
2.using [cv.jit.flood] you select the item you want isolated in picture.
3. output the isolated shape and create a gl model to then map a texture video on it.

It this doable ??
Creating a model out of a matrix?

Sorry if this seems ignorant and obvious to you. But hey, I’m learning.

I would really like to accomplish this.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Jun 23 2009 | 12:05 am

to make a 3d object from 2d info needs more input from the user

which way is the horse walking:

Jun 23 2009 | 1:19 am

Cool pic thanks,

Ok then, Let me put it this way; I want to make "plane" that has the shape of what come out of the [cv.jit.floodfill] matrix. So in the end I can map my video on that shape.

I use for my videos, so 2d in a 3d environment.
That way the fps is up/AND i can take advantage of the @layers and not to forget that I can manipulate them in a 3d environment.

But I’m sure you knew exactly what i meant and your just pulling my leg.

I think if I knew how to change the shape of a plane < -thus making it a "non-plane" 2d shape, it would be an amazing and efficient to map vids.
Don,t you think?

Yesterday, it took me 15min to map 3 vid on a book, a couch and plant pot. They all had an angle. < - It was not more efficient w. too.

So please , if this is a joke to do for you, please feel free to share. < - that's how "I" learn most.

thanks again for the cool pict.


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