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a quick tutorial video on how to create an impulse response

December 12, 2012 | 2:55 pm

Dear all

Thanks to Rodrigo Constanzo we have the first video tutorial of how to use and abuse the fruit of the HIRT (the HISS Impulse Response Toolbox). This time round, it is the basic use of capturing an impulse response with some of the tools for MaxMSP.

Feel free to watch it here:

The paper and all the externals are still available here:

Let us know what you think!


ps for those who prefer youtube, it will soon be up there too!

December 12, 2012 | 4:52 pm

This is a great video! I am looking forward to seeing more,
especially room correction.

I would also love to see some videos on using these
tools to create new timbres. For example live instruments
convolved with interesting sounds.

December 12, 2012 | 6:45 pm

thanks for the props. Now on YouTube if you prefer ;-)

December 12, 2012 | 9:14 pm


and I n00bishly thought [yafr] was all I needed. Excellent work guys.

Want, want, want


December 13, 2012 | 9:17 am

thanks. Would anyone fancy having the patch posted here?

December 13, 2012 | 10:58 am

Yes please I’d love the patch from the video. Great, clear presentation; and great externals.

December 13, 2012 | 11:50 am

This is very cool guys, good workings!

December 13, 2012 | 2:29 pm

Howdie all.

Definitely more tutorial vids coming. The next one will be speaker/room correction stuff, and a couple down the road will be creative and non-linear convolution stuff.

Here’s the patch:

— Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. —
December 13, 2012 | 2:40 pm


November 13, 2015 | 9:23 am

Trying to figure out how to extract the IR into a stereo wav file to be used in other plugins (like max 4 live Convolution Reverb Pro). Cant figure it out :(

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