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ad_rewire Q

Mar 18 2009 | 9:35 am

Hi folks

decided to dwell in the world of ‘rewire’ , seems simple enough
I read DDG’s Tutorial ect. whch makes it seem like a walk in the Park (let me me also thanks Darwin for his great tutorials !!)

Unfortunately , already step one is causing problems ‘dhooo’
select Ad_rewire in DSP window , ok done , when I hit ezdac the DSP audio (speaker icon) goes on , but just one second (no sound) and goes back to default off state.

Logically this to me means , I don’t have Rewire 1.7 installed , but I do , I even reinstalled it to double check.

So !! any help is appreciated !! did I do something wrong while installing rewire ?,

Ps( I am using ableton live 7.1 as host but in demo mode)

thanks guys !

Mar 18 2009 | 9:59 am


Follow these steps;

In max DSP choose ad_rewire,
Open Live
Choose Menu View, Selecte In/Out,
In each track there is a "Audio From" menu, just choose MaxMSP,
Click Button "In" above,
Go to Max and Turn Ezdac On.

Hope that helps.

Luis Marques

Mar 18 2009 | 10:44 am

Thanks Dragon for your help

Unfortunatly this did not help

At least we already got these options out of the way.

according to Darwin Gross’s tutorial , just the fact of adding ad-rewire driver in the DSP window should open the "gateway" between MAX/MSP to Live (host) , reflected as ‘audio in’ ‘choose’ MAX/MSP in the pop down menu in Live , I however dont even see this option , I do see maxmsp/Runtime , but not MAX/MSP

Mar 18 2009 | 11:02 am


Gonna take a print screen, have you done like this?


Luis Marques

Mar 18 2009 | 11:12 am

hello guys.. hello IcedDragon..

the max rewire driver has three componentes:

audio input; (which sometimes doesn’t work – in this situation please use soundflower, hijack, or maxmsp ordinary audio buses – from to)

audio output; (which most of the times works if it doesn’t work make the same thing that I’ve stated before)

midi input/output buses (which are not used to give problems – if they give problems, use iac bus driver in mac, or any other midi bus that you might able to get)

Mar 18 2009 | 12:46 pm

Hi again , thanks again

Yes well soundflower works , no problem and so does IAC ,

I just wonder why the Ad-rewire is so "iffy " in my set up

Mar 18 2009 | 8:37 pm

Are there any errors in the Max window?

What OS? What computer model? What version of Max?

Have you tried reinstalling Rewire? You can find it here:


Mar 18 2009 | 10:23 pm

From Ableton’s ReWire FAQ:

"How long can ReWire be used in the Live demo?

Live will run in ReWire mode for 30 minutes each time it is launched."

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