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Adjust BPM of Input Sound Using Tap Sensors + Arduino

Oct 16 2010 | 10:31 pm

Hey all..

I’m interested in finding a way to adjust the bpm of any given input sound using two sensors and an arudino + max. Ideally I would like to first determine the BPM of the incoming sound, then based on a threshold (i.e. when the bpm determined by the sensor-based data reaches a certain point), the sensors would provide a bpm that the patch would automatically adjust the track to in real-time.

I’m working on a simple prototype first, but the idea would be the sensors could be placed in ones shoes and wirelessly transmit data that would then be processed as bpm data…and would auto-adjust the tempo of whatever the person were listening to to match one’s pace.

I’ve considered trying to set this up simply with a midi-based dj program that has this feature built into the software, or perhaps working with Ableton + Max.. but I’m slightly stuck on beginning the project..


Oct 17 2010 | 7:05 pm

Anyone have any ideas on this at all?

Oct 17 2010 | 7:35 pm

Patience young Jedi….

I’m not in front of Max right now, but as far as tap-tempo bpm in Max you should look at the helpfiles for [transport] and [timer], and I also believe there’s an object called [tempo]; you could code your bpm calculator as an Arduino script or as a Max patch, depending on your level of expertise, but in Max use the timer to time 4 or 8 (or any) bangs and then average them; transport will allow you to convert this vaue to bpm.

An example may follow once I’m back in Max land


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