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advice on using max patch as plug-in with Pro Tools

May 03 2012 | 2:59 pm

I have developed a max patch whereby a sequencer turns lfo curves on and off depending on note inputs. The timing source for both the LFO curves and sequencer steps are generated by one single master [phasor~] in combination with several [rate~]. I have therefore patched it so that everytime you press space bar it resets the phase of the master [phasor~] and therefore the patch resets, the sequencer starts again from the beginning and everything stays in sync.

The patch isn't complete yet, but eventually it will incorporate several oscillators, and the LFO curves will be responsible for altering the osc. amp, filter and frequency. Could anyone advise me on a way in incorporating this into Pro Tools? Or any commercial DAW in general? I have included a screen shot of the patch to get an understanding of how it works.


  1. Screenshot20120503at15.49.05.png


May 03 2012 | 3:09 pm

well as you do know, or may know, or dont know. i dont which ;). pluggo was discontinued, which was an utter shame. now its all max for live.
it was nice to actually build plug ins, then go back and tweak. though it is nice to edit them and use straight away with max for live.

the best way[s] is rewire or soundflower, or the equivalent on pc [which i dont know of]. have the clock source going to your max patch and do the send receive from pro tools and your patch. its a little bit more than that. but there is quite a bit of info i have seen over the years for this type of thing.

as for max look at [hostsync~] for rewire stuff.

lewis edwards

May 03 2012 | 3:34 pm

I did not know that. Discontinuing of pluggo is a very big let down. I do admit I started building this patch under the impression that pluggo would be able to help me in the end! I will look into rewiring.

May 03 2012 | 3:43 pm

aye it is a shame especially for the people who made an honest living from making nice plug ins. but hey, thats the way things go sometimes.

i think somebody is making a pluggo-esque thing for max. cant remember, might just be all the crack smoking. but yeah rewire is the way if you dont have max for live

May 03 2012 | 3:58 pm

Whenever you make a product are critical to spontaneously "fanboys" people with a condescending attitude, obedient, do not expect to get or just what I said before, "fanaticism".
But no one can be considered a good idea to have disabled Pluggo.
Seemed to me too sad to disable the visual part of "detonate".
Users / customers of version 4 were not respected, but forced "binge" to choose arbitrary changes.
but I guess so act most businesses.

May 03 2012 | 4:19 pm

if it is only for that one patch, rebuild it for maxmsp 463, create pluggo with 463, see if it works in PT 9 and PT 10 (last one tested was v8)


May 04 2012 | 8:14 am

Pluggo does still work in PT 9 – sometimes. I’ve not tried PT 10, but I have had it working in 9 on a couple of machines, whilst on another similar spec machine it would only load the first plug in the list or something weird.
You could try asking someone on the list to compile your patch into a Pluggo for you, once you’re happy with it – I assume there’s nothing against that in the licence agreement?
You would, of course have to build the patch in 4.x, as Roman says,

May 05 2012 | 11:14 am

You can actually create a VST or AU version of your plug right now using the Jamoma framework for Max Msp. There are several catches though.

Most importantly, the entire patch must be made up of Jamoma modules (which means you will have to remake your plug in).
You also can only export AU or VST, so you would need a wrapper to run in PT.
There is also only a bare bones, only sliders-type interface at this time but I have tested it for making Audio Unit plugs for use in Logic and it works!

BTW- Instrument plug ins do not compile promerly at present, which is a true shame and what I’m waiting for.

May 18 2012 | 1:47 pm

Hi Kripto,
I’m trying to build Audio Units with plugtastic too, but it seems doesn’t work.
I’m using the Jamoma Version 0.5.6 b7 for Mac on Max 6.0.4.
When I push the "" message box in the "A Plugtastic Adventure", for example, i can see in the Max Console the following message : "maxpat jcom.plug.out≈: Plugtastic plug-in compilation successful. Plug-in located at ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components", so everything seems to be ok, but i can’t find the ".component" file neither in this directory nor elsewhere!
Maybe I’m missing to do something else ?

May 18 2012 | 4:44 pm

…ok sorry, I just found it in my user librairy!
nice alternative to pluggo.
PS : build a VST is actually undocumented ? or just not supported as yet?

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