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Alternatives to live.remote~

Nov 07 2011 | 11:42 am

Hi all

Id like:
1) multiple devices to contol the same macro parameters
2) low latency

what would you recommend? live.object works for 1) but not 2) and live.remote works for 2) and not 1)

Is there a way to more efficiently program around to reduce the latency? Or otherwise a way to have other devices control live.remote~?

alternatives are midi mapping the macros (but then I’m stuck with the assignments) or using the scripts in the live preferences folder, or hardware emulation (like Mackie HUI)

The thing that really bugs me is that my Zero SL MKII can do it: it controls whichever device it is assigned to, low latency, parameters not locked to the Zero SL

any thoughts are appreciated!

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