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ambimonitor XP

Sep 29 2006 | 9:08 pm

i resend my post, this time in text format;

does anybody know about erratic behaviour of the GUI object
"ambimonitor", from the ICST ambisonics set (v.1.1 for Win) ?

i was able to create the object in my patch; then after 10 minutes it
crashed Max.
from then on, it makes Max crash as soon as i place the object (or load
any patch that contains it).
no prob with the other ambisonics objects.
on Mac i never had any trouble with this set of externals.

circumstances of the first crash: loading "Max Toolbox"

Windows XP Professional, Version 2002 – Service Pack 2
Mobile Intel Pentium 4 – M
CPU 1,70 Ghz
1 Gb of RAM

Max/MSP 4.5.6

M-Audio USB Quattro ASIO

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