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Analyse~ from CnMat

Nov 20 2012 | 10:22 am

Dear all

Is it possible to send buffer size message to Analyse~ object to configure it at other buffer resolution and I would like to know if it’s dependent to MaxMsp Signal Vector Size or Independant?

Nov 20 2012 | 10:33 am

Of course I would like to tell Analyser~ From Cnmat My purpose is to send message like buffersize 1024, 4096 or or 512 to init the bufferSize of Analyser~

Nov 20 2012 | 8:26 pm

The first argument to analyzer~ is the buffer size, in samples. The second argument is the "hop" size. This is how frequently it analyzes a new buffer. The third is the fft size.

The buffer size cannot be smaller than the Signal Vector size, but is otherwise independent.

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