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Analysing .BWF metadata, file selection and playback based on keywords

Oct 09 2012 | 8:05 am

With Max objects, you can’t easily (you need to use filein and do your own parsing). It is also possible with JavaScript or Java (they may even be some libraries around?). I wrote some lines of JS code for reading/writing metadatas in RIFF files (like BWT or AIFF) but not really plug-n-play, PM me if you’re interested.

I’m quite sure there are softwares on the market designed especially for what your looking for. Soundminer maybe? But they may be a bit too expensive…


Oct 13 2012 | 12:17 pm

Sorry for this delayed reply.

I think your JS code might be a bit over my head, but thanks for the offer. I do know Soundminer, and while it’s a great program it still won’t help me to get the details of my sample library into Max. Unless I’ve misunderstood.

Your suggestion did give me some ideas though. There is a free program by Sound Ideas called metadigger which can create text files containing details of file path, name and the metadata description. I’ve attached a sample.

Do you think I could create something searchable using this data. Perhaps with dict?

  1. Export2.txt
Oct 15 2012 | 3:02 pm

I’m sure it’s possible. Even with coll.
There is also a sqlite database system in Max:


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