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[ann] Max/MSP teaching in Birmingham UK

Sep 11 2007 | 1:31 pm

The Technology Innovation Centre, part of UCE Birmingham (UK), are looking for someone to teach Max/MSP as part of their range of undergraduate degrees in sound-related disciplines. Specifically there are two modules which are of relevance: "Computer Music" and "Live Music Performance".

In Computer Music students learn to construct synthesisers and signal processors in Max/MSP as Pluggo plug-ins which ultimately form part of a sound production exercise using their plug-ins as sound sources and effects.

In Live Music Performance students learn to construct sound/music performance systems including techniques applicable to sound installations, generative music and "live electronics". Students plan and undertake a performance and as such the module also includes some aspects of stage management, use of live sound (PA) systems etc.

If you are interested and/or require more information please contact Andrew Bourbon:


or message me (Martin Robinson) via the forum

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