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ANN: munger1~ 1.1.0 released

May 02 2007 | 10:57 pm

Hi all,

For impatient, download at:
(796KB, includes source, Linux-Pd-i386, Mac-Max-i386, and Win32-Max-i386
binaries, and 2 pounds of /dev/null)

If you build a binary for other platform/software combos please forward them
to me so that I can include them in the tarball.

Memory allocation fix
Code clean-up
Fix Pd crash when buffer forcefully deleted
Updated documentation
New option to dynamically alter max voices
Fixed bucketload of memory leaks

munger1~ (May 2, 2007 1.1.0 release)
a realtime multichannel granulator
a.k.a. the swiss-army-knife of realtime granular synthesis

a flext (cross-platform PD & Max/MSP) port of
the munger~ object from the PeRColate library (0.9 beta5)

Original PeRColate library by:

Dan Trueman
R. Luke DuBois’s

Flext port and additions by:
Ivica Ico Bukvic
Ji-Sun Kim

Released under GPL license
(whichever is the latest version–as of this release, version 2)
For more info on the GPL license please visit:


Best wishes,

Ivica Ico Bukvic, D.M.A.
Composition, Music Technology, CCTAD, CHCI
Virginia Tech
Dept. of Music – 0240
Blacksburg, VA 24061
(540) 231-1137
(540) 231-5034 (fax)

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