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APC Step Sequencer By Mark Egloff – jit.cellblock, matrixctrl, live.grid

Sep 20 2011 | 2:24 am


It would be cool if Mark could answer this directly, but Im making a sequencer similar to his, and I was wondering why he uses the jit.cellblock so much to store and recall clip information rather than just using the live.grid object? Anyone know the main difference between using the two? What bout the matrixctrl object?

I realize you can map easily to the grid object in Live so I dont see a reason to use the jit.cellblock really…. Maybe just the fact that you can minimize it so that it doesnt take up a lot of space? Thanks

Sep 20 2011 | 8:03 am

Hi knockdOut
The main reason, why I’m using jit.cellblock is that you can save a list into one block, which allows me to save and access all information I need of one object (e.g. Clip) in one block.

I could have used matrixctrl in some cases. AFAIK Live.grid only stores 1 and 0, which wouldn’t have been enough, e.g. to implement the "Accent" feature in the APC Step Seq. Cheers, Mark

Oct 31 2011 | 1:12 am

Hey Mark,

I was wondering if you could clue me in to what kind of scripting you used on this patch… I see you have a pattr and some other objects that might have scripting names…

Wonderful work!

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