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APC40 : how to simulate multiple device control or track control midi banks ?

Feb 10 2012 | 11:08 pm

Hello all,

I just baught an APC40 and uses to play with live with a mouse and keyboards since 1.0.
So, what i feel right now is a BIG deception, as i realize that there is no "official way" to manage midi mapping of multiple effects on the APC40.

Ex : i often (always!) have to change two effects parameters on the same time. For exemple a decay on the drum of track 5 and a delay on the lead of track 6.
I am understanding that it’s impossible in the auto mode, but it’s impossible too in the manual midi mapping mode, as my midi mapping will be definitly for this two parameters, without any possibility of switching to another midi bank configuration (in order to attribute track control and device control on others effects).
This seems to me quite incredible, (as every controler can do this) but not there.

I see that it’s possible thru Max4Live to do quite whatever we want, but i know nothing about it.

This is what i would like : i press the "metronome" button (useless), then track selection "2" > i can attribute midi mapping to the track control and device control knobs.
Then i press "metronome button" and track selection "3", i map another effect or instrument… etc….
Then i press "metronome button" then track selection "1" and i am back to the normal mode.

In fact, i change MIDI CHANNELS.. i think…

Could someone tell me if this exists or it for me ?

I love you.

A french desesperate Minimal Guy.

Feb 12 2012 | 12:05 pm

This is one of the features of my Isotonik device…


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