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arm/disarm tracks simultaneously in ableton live using a keyboard

Apr 08 2012 | 4:50 pm

i’m trying to use my keyboard/note on messages to arm a track in ableton Live and in the same time disarm every other armed track, so that i’ll have only one armed track at any given moment.
i’ve mapped different notes to different tracks but the trouble is that the unchangeable range of Live’s arm button is 64-127 so the same note on message toggles it on and off.
i need to switch between seven different tracks and i’d be glad to hear ideas on how to toggle on one thing while toggling off others with only one key press (it must be with a keyboard and as mentioned, note offs are apparently useless).


Apr 08 2012 | 5:57 pm

In Live’s preferences record tab, you can set exclusive arm. Wouldn’t it solve your problem?

Apr 09 2012 | 6:21 am

Unfortunately, exclusive arm is valid only for mouse clicking, not for midi mapping.. so the solution must come from a max patch.

Apr 09 2012 | 9:03 am

I’ve just checked again and it works for me also with midi mapping..

Feb 03 2014 | 5:19 am

Did you find a solution to this? I am having the same trouble using a midi pedal (FCB1010) it will arm as many tracks as i turn on, rather then arming one track and disarming the track I was using.

Jul 31 2015 | 7:17 am

Hello :)

I stumbled upon this issue, when I was trying to select and arm tracks from an external midi controller. The controller sends CC values and the patch selects the track based on the incoming CC value. I too experienced this issue, that previously selected tracks was not unarmed, like it normally do when you arm tracks by clicking (given that you have turned on exclusive arm in preferences). So to get around this, I simply store the selected track index into a value object after the selection, so when a new track is selected, I have the index from the previous selected track, and can use this to unarm the track, before the new one is selected.

Take a look at the patch here, if you’re interested.

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Aug 28 2015 | 7:39 am

Hi, thanks for sharing the patch – can you please explain step by step how to apply the patch? I’m an absolute noob in this… Thanks!

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