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audio file (played thru buffer and sig at 1.0) – sounds boxy

Feb 22 2011 | 12:33 pm

Ive noticed that the sound quality of my audio samples playing through Max (through groove~ with sig~ 1.0) is not as good and full as when i play the audio sample outside of Max (simply through the "quick look" function of OS); the audio files sound boxy as if i was running them through a filter.

i currently have a buffer object connected to groove~ with a signal and 1.0 numbox both connected to grove~ (all containing "sample name" arguments where applicable). from grove, the sample connection goes to gain~ then into dac~; a simple patch.

can someone assist in telling me why the audio file, when played, does not simply sound like the original file considering i have no filter type objects in my patch, but it sounds like i do?


Feb 22 2011 | 8:20 pm

I helps when you post your patch, so we can help you figure out the following:
– You say buffer is connected to groove with a signal. What do you mean by that? For basic playback, you shouldn’t need/do this. Check the help file for groove, load up a sample in there and check if it sounds boxy there too. Oh, and compare how that help patch is set up relative to yours.
– Did you wire up everything correctly? (No stereo sound being merged to mono or the other way around which can make some samples sound boxy)

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